Monday, December 12, 2011

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

History of Chocolates

Almost everybody loves chocolate. Who would not? That creamy sensation touching your lips as you slowly savors the flavor of that delicious sweet thing. There is just no reason why should not love chocolate, unless of course you are diabetic or something. But did you know that it has a long, ancient and mystical origin? Surprising right? Not to mention that chocolate can easily be bought anywhere, in supermarkets, grocery stores, convenient stores and many more.

In years past, it was considered as the “Food of the Gods” by ancient civilization such as the Mayans and the Aztecs who grew cocoa tree. These trees are usually found growing in jungles in South America. Furthermore, the art of making chocolate is a secret. In fact, the main ingredient of chocolate, cocoa bean has been utilized as a currency before. Basically, the cocoa tree produces pods which have the cocoa beans that are used to make chocolates. Then they are made into a drink, which consists of spices, water and vanilla.

It used to be called “xocolatl” until it was changed to “chocolate”. If you think the name sounds like a mythical being to you then you are right. According to Mexican Indian mythology, Quetzacoatl, the Aztec God left the cocoa tree after leaving his people. Many years later, Christopher Columbus brought the cocoa bean to Spain around 1502 to 1504. Realizing the real value of these goods, the conquistador Cortes eventually took them to Spain as well in the year 1528. During those times, only the elite of the society were privileged to have a taste of it. However, not long after, an Italian traveler brought it in France in the year 1615.

As the years went by, chocolate begun to spread and cocoa plantations were then developed across the globe. Today, it continues to be manufactured globally and enjoyed by everyone.