Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Different Kinds of Chocolates

Through the years, people have manufactured countless kinds of chocolates that are enjoyed up until today. It is funny to think that what was considered “food for the gods” by the Amazons is now globally manufactured. There are actually a couple of chocolates and are categorized accordingly.

We have the so-called dark chocolate which may contain thirty to seventy percent cocoa. This kind is the most commonly used by people everywhere. There is also milk chocolate and as its name implies is a mixture of chocolate and milk giving it a sweeter flavor. It is more often eaten than used in cooking or baking. In addition, it melts faster than dark chocolate.

There is also what is called white chocolate. It contains a smaller cocoa butter and solid cocoa material content. However, extra care must be taken when cooking this kind of chocolate since it is very sensitive to heat. There are also chocolate chips which are often used in baking. Coco powder on the other hand is the residue from cocoa butter which has been pressed from the ground and roasted beans. It tastes a bit bitter but provides a stronger flavor.

These are but a couple of chocolates that people these days enjoy and thanks to man’s limitless innovation, he is able to develop a variety of sweets.


  1. Love this blog, two of our most favorite treats, muffin and chocolate! I love the trinitario cacao hihi....but give me any chocolate except with wine inside and I'll eat it! ;)

  2. Lol. When I ate those with wine, I feel sleepy afterwards.

  3. Dark choco is always healthier than white choco.. but white choco is irresistable.. i just hate it whenever the white choco is cheap at velvet cheesecake,, I do love truffles tho

  4. I'm not much into dark chocolate, pero I love chocolate! ;)

  5. I love chocolate. I usually buy dark chocolate because I heard it's good for the heart.

  6. oh nice topic! mwahahaa and our posts are compatible, different types of wines and chocolates!


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