Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Exotic Flavors of Chocolates You Did Not Know

Chocolate has a long history behind it and was originally found in Mexico and Central America. Today, there are a lot of variations of chocolate that people enjoy and in fact, they have learned to mix other ingredients in it as well to make it more delicious.

• Spices: There are a lot of spices available out there which can help enhance a chocolate’s taste. Some of these are red and cayenne pepper and chilies which include but are not limited to chipotle and ancho. In fact, even Cinnamon, fennel, star anise, basil and ginger have been used to make a chocolate taste better.

• Bacon: It is hard to believe but bacon is now being used as well to enhance a chocolate’s flavor or at least being used as a flavoring for some bacon recipes. Toppings usually include almonds, salt and pistachios and are often cooked using dark or milk chocolate. As of the present, there are shops online selling chocolate bacon bar as opposed to the usual chocolate-dipped bacon.

• Fruits: Using fruits to complement chocolate is not unheard of with cherries and strawberries being the most common additions in chocolate recipes. You will often see this combination in chocolate cakes and some home baked chocolate meals. However, what are giving it a more exotic approach are the fruits being used these days to add more taste to it. Imagine mangoes and oranges being included in the recipes.
Chocolate Orange Cake
• Flowers: Are used but not as decorations. What can be added along with it are the plants. Lavender and violets are a few that are now being experimented on. Flowers are often included to make the chocolate give off a more delicious fragrance.

Who knows what more ingredients will be discovered and used in making your standard chocolate more attractive to your eyes? In just a few years or so, it could be more than this list.

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