Monday, July 2, 2012

How To Make Perfect Chocolate Cakes

Making the perfect chocolate cake starts with the ingredient selections. Basic recipes usually call for baking cocoa or cocoa powder and milk. While these are safe choices and following directions is almost fool-proof, some variations will enhance texture and make for richer chocolate flavour.
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Substitute baking chocolate melted in butter for some or all of the cocoa powder. For the liquid, use half a cup of cooled brewed coffee. Make up the difference with milk, if the recipe calls for additional liquid. Contrary to popular belief adding coffee will not make the cake taste like coffee, but enrich chocolate taste. For moister chocolate cake, add mayonnaise with the liquid ingredients.

Preparing the ingredients for chocolate cake is as important as selecting them. All dry ingredients should be sifted. Even liquids or items normally kept in a fridge should be at room temperature. Leave them out for no longer than an hour, however.

While some recipes use oil, butter is best. Use the real stuff, not margarine or butter-type spreads. The butter needs to be creamed together with the sugar. Be patient; the longer you mix them, the better. Next should be the eggs, then the dry ingredients alternated with the coffee/milk.

At this point, recipes usually call for vanilla. To enhance flavour, use extra vanilla or get creative with other extracts and flavorings. Here is where each cook can create a that perfect signature chocolate cake.

A good quality baking pan is important. For best results, use non-stick cookware from If coating the pan, use cocoa powder instead of flour to avoid the off-taste that can ruin a perfect cake. Baking times vary according to altitude and size of the pan. However, it is always better to under-bake slightly, which can be fixed by sliding the cake back in the oven. Over-baking will dry the cake out.

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