Friday, September 28, 2012

Tea Party Etiquette Tips

Tea parties have long been celebrated around the world regardless of the occasion. It is one of the best ways to enjoy the holidays as well as being with friends and relatives. However, it is also important that one knows how to properly conduct him or herself in such occasions. Below is a list of things which should be observed during tea parties:
  • Eating With Fingers: Is okay as long as what you are eating does not have any fillings. The main point here is that it is important that you keep your hands from looking like you rummaged the food and the people around you might find it disgusting if you insist. If a food has too much sauce or fillings on it, feel free to use a fork instead.
  • Be Organized: If there are different foods laid out on the table, it is a sign of good manners if you eat in the following order; start with the scones or what people commonly refer to as muffins; then move to the small sandwiches next and last, would be the sweets. Keep in mind to leave the dessert as your last stop.
  • Scones and Muffins: When eating scones or muffins, you can choose to break a small portion of it then put a small amount of butter or jam on it. If there is clotted cream available or Devonshire, you can sprinkle a bit of it on your muffin. Remember that this cream in particular is not to be used to enhance the tea’s ‘flavor.
  • Eat Properly: When eating sandwiches, refrain from having a big bite. Doing so may give people the impression that you are really hungry and that you do not have any bearings or manners to keep yourself composed. Always think about composure when eating even if what you are eating is small.

Almost all the tea parties around the world follow some sort of good manners and right conduct. So if you will be having a high tea party in Sydney, do not forget to uphold these guidelines.

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