Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Coffee the Modern Way

Surely you are not one of those old-timers who still make coffee by the pot in a glass carafe – if you are then it’s time to make coffee the modern way. Pod coffee makers have revolutionized the home and office coffee environment to the point that you can enjoy barista-style coffee any time you’d like at a fraction of the price. In fact, the Barista Prima® brand K-Cup® is a perfect example of modern coffee designed for home or office use.

With an on demand or single serve coffee maker such as those offered by Keuring® you can enjoy a top-shelf cup of piping hot coffee with the push of a button. Single serve coffee makers are designed to plug in and feature a reservoir which is easily filled with water. There is no need to scoop or measure coffee nor are there any filters to fuss with or carafes to worry about. Each cup of coffee is always fresh, hot and flavorful because it is brewed the moment you want it. This reduces waste and puts an end to leftover pots of coffee being poured down the drain.  
An on demand coffee maker is the modern way to make coffee, tea, hot chocolate and chai because each person can brew exactly what they’d like to drink whenever they want it. That’s customization at its best – you save money, reduce waste and enjoy a great cup of coffee each and every time in your own reusable cup or mug. Once you invest in a single serve coffee maker it is easy and fun to try the many different blends, flavors and roasts available plus you can readily offer both regular and decaffeinated coffee without the hassle of brewing two pots.

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