Sunday, May 26, 2013

5 Non-Traditional Cake Ideas

From weddings to birthdays, cake is the centrepiece of many memorable celebrations. However, after tasting many renditions, the traditional round or square flour cake with layers of buttercream frosting can become passe. For your next celebration, consider one of these non-traditional cake ideas to thrill your guests with a delicious, and different, dessert.
The croquembouche is a visually exciting cake that is packed with sweet flavours. Originating in France, it is a cone-shaped tower of bite-sized, creme-filled pastries, which are assembled and glued together using caramel. The entire tower is then drizzled with spun sugar. For creative hosts, the creme can be replaced with jam or various flavoured fillings, and the tower can be drizzled with chocolate or caramel rather than spun sugar.

Ice Cream Cakes
Ice cream cakes have enjoyed immense popularity in recent years, with many specialised bake shops providing a multitude of flavours and fillings. Ice cream cakes can be served individually or in larger forms. Ice cream cake displays offer the host increased flexibility, as it is easy to provide a variety of complementary flavours for guests to choose from, as well as colour patterns that match the party's theme or decor. Make sure you keep it cool though!

Pie Cakes
Pie cakes consist of layers of fruit or other pie filling, which are alternated with layers of crust-like, buttery cake. They are often topped with crumb topping or streusel, rather than frosting. Apple pie cakes are the most popular flavour, but any of a number of pie fillings can be used. Pie cakes are ideal for events with a rustic or home-style theme, as well as outdoor weddings decorated in the shabby-chic style.

Sculpted Cakes
Sculpted cakes have gained popularity recently due to televised bakery reality shows, in which bakers create fantastical shapes out of pastry for weddings and special events. When you cooperate with a skilled baker, the cake is limited only by your imagination. From flowers to animals to figures from popular culture, your cake can become a pastry, fondant, and buttercream work of art. Sculpted cakes tend to be expensive, due to the time and skill required to produce them, but if you really want to wow your guests, there's no better kind of cake to do it.

Another French pastry, the dacquoise is less widely known than the croquembouche. It consists of layers of hazelnut and almond meringue, which are alternated with layers of buttercream or whipped cream. Flavoured mousse may also be substituted in some of the layers, and the pastry may be topped with a fruit-flavored ganache. The dacquoise is traditionally served chilled, with fruit. For summer events, it is a cool, creamy cake alternative that is sure to please.

For your next event, skip the layer cake and frosting and opt for one of these delicious options. Your guests will thank you for a memorable dessert that tasted wonderful and was unlike anything they'd been served at their other social engagements.

Mandy is a stay-at-home mum with 2 children in primary school, in her past time she loves to garden, travel, cook and write blogs for other stay at home mums and anyone with similar interests.

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